Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lady Merry Heart Line mask review

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
Lady Merry Heart line mask review
Made in Korea
Price: ¥3240/box (5 masks per box)
(please comment below if you would like to purchase)
When I first heard about V Line masks, I was dying to try one, but to my disadvantage, I couldn't find any online or locally. So when my friend introduced me to Lady Merry and gave me a few masks to try I was extremely excited to try their Heart Line Masks!

My friend told me that the Heart Line Mask is:

 A typical youthful, ideal facial shape is said to have a V lined, or even better, heart shaped roundness. Our product is capable of creating such effect on its user, therefore the name ‘Heart Line Mask’.

《Cause of facial sagginess》 Buccal fat, a fat mass that exists on both side of the human cheek. It gets loose as age grows and is the main cause for sagginess in the cheek and jawline. Although there are various reasons that causes the buccal fat to loosen and start sinking, the biggest factor is none other than gravity. It had been a fact that there are demand for cosmetic surgeries to remove buccal fats in order to improve cheek sagginess.

So, apparently, I have a lot of Buccal fat... so this mask will definitely help me make my face shape more "heart" shaped.

[Heart Line Mask] is a product that helps prevent the sagginess due to gravity, and elevates the skin naturally.

◯Natural Face Lift Effect
◯ Relieves swelling and edema effect from after a proper facelift surgery
◯ Helps maintain the result from a facelift surgery
・Moisture retention for the skin
・Helps prevent sleep disorder such as mouth opening, snoring and dry mouth if used during sleep
・Relieves swell from after tooth extraction

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
back of packaging

According to the packaging:

major ingredients list:
原料名English ingredient name
ポリアクリル酸NaPolyacrylic acid Na
ポリビニルアルコールPolyvinyl alcohol
異性化サフラワーグリセリズIsomerization safflower glyceryl's
アセチルヘキサペプチド−8Acetyl hexapeptide -8
加水分解コラーゲンHydrolyzed collagen
酸化チタンTitanium oxide
ポリソルベート80Polysorbate 80
ヒアルロン酸NaHyaluronic acid Na

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
how mask looks
Product Features

  • Heart Line Mask uses material similar to poultice that are elastic and highly adhesive, giving a firm elevation of skin around the cheek and jaw area. 
  • Maintains the elevated skin for a long period of time
  • Helps prevent sleep disorder such as mouth opening, snoring and dry mouth if used during sleep.
  • Embedded collagen and hyaluronic acid gives a moisturizing feel to the skin area wrapped within.
  • Doesn’t leave any visible marks immediately after usage, so it can be used anytime of the day

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
mask unveiled

How to use:

  1. Thoroughly clean your face with cleansing foam or gel. 
  2. With the markings facing down, fit in the center of your jaw to the middle of heart line mask.
  3. Pull over the mask to fit into the hook of your ears. 
  4. Keep mask in the position for 15-20 minutes before removal. 

*Remove mask slowly and gently to avoid overstretch of your skin. 
*Recommended to be used twice a week 
*Should you feel any abnormal skin reaction, stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist or your family doctor

I have spoken to a representative at Lady Merry and he told me that I can leave this mask on overnight. Since this mask is "dry" it would not be osmosis (stripping away the moisture in my skin). Instead, it will act as a protective mask to help you retain moisture.

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
actual mask


  • very tight (hard to talk while the mask is on face)
  • it works! :O (instant results!)
  • effects last for 3-4 days
  • a bit hard to apply (easy to get hair onto mask)
  • easy to use (after you get the hang of it)
  • very clean, no messes (not watery)

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
how mask looks on face
Unlike most face masks I have used, this mask was very sticky and not watery. I didn't have to worry about it dripping. The self adhesive layer was perfectly... adhesive and did not hurt when I removed it.

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
before and after

  • works very well
  • no dripping, messy watery liquids
  • very clean
  • effects are long lasting
  • the material is comfortable
  • you can wear it overnight!
  • many features
  • a bit pricey
  • you can't talk when you use it
  • you can't multitask (e.g. eating, talking, etc), the mask will move and be misaligned

Lady Merry Heart line mask review
instant results! :O

Where to buy:
some tax free drug stores in Japan carry these masks...
If you can't find it or not located in Japan and are interested, please comment below and I can help you order it.

Price: ¥3240/box (5 masks per box)

score: 8.5/10


  1. Interesting mask! But your face is already in a v-shape. I don't really understand why people are so obsessed with a v-shaped face though with a super sharp chin. I personally prefer a more rounder face shape, lol.

    1. awww thanks! :D

      actually this mask creates a heart shape, making our faces look rounder and fuller instead of "v" :D so it is called Heart line instead of V line :)

    2. I think Chinese are too obsessed with "V" shaped faces x.X

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